hiking trail maps

Project Description

These custom trail maps were created for my hiking books. I strive to create maps that are easy to read, yet have elements that are important for good navigation on a trail. Priorities for my maps are topography contour lines, terrain backgrounds, and trail features including the names of waterfalls, viewpoints, and more. I also feel that is important to show all of trails in an area, not just the featured hike.

My process includes beginning with public domain topography maps, extracting only the elements that I want to use, including contour lines, water sources and forest coverage. Once I have the base map with topo contour lines, rivers, streams and lakes, I crop the map to the specific area needed, and then transfer these elements to a template file used for this project. Then I redraw all of the trails, roads and other details. The next step is to add trail highlights, terrain backgrounds, labels, mileage markers, and special features.


Custom Map Design