14 Days in China interactive website

Project Description

This custom-designed interactive presentation was built using a specially programmed jQuery feature slider. Using this approach on your website or in special presentations allows you to give your clients and prospects an in-depth look at your subject matter within a tightly controlled space.

The real highlight on this project was the 14 days we spent traveling through China. We visited Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, Longsheng, Yangshuo, Shanghai, Suzhou and Tongli. It was our first trip to this remarkable country, and we wanted to capture the essence of the experience by creating an interactive presentation that would allow you to look at photos and watch video of a few of the many sights we encountered.

Our “14 Days in China” site won the China Spree tour company’s Online Journal of the Year competition.



Site Architecture
Content Strategy
Website Design
Interactive Programming
Photography and Videography
Extensive Travel
Eating Seriously Good Chinese Food